Simple ways to raise funds for SOTD at all the places you shop already



Box Tops for Education

Last school year, SOTD families raised more than $700 through Box Tops for Education. Each box top is worth 10 cents. Send them in throughout the year to your child's classroom or drop them off at the front desk.  For every 10 box tops labels you bring in your child gets a prize from the treasure box. For more information, visit the Box Tops for Education website.



Make Shopping Easy and Earn Tuition Credit 

Did you know you can purchase gift cards online and a portion of your purchase goes directly to SOTD? We receive money for every gift card you buy. Gift cards are available for all the stores and restaurants you shop at already.  Purchase gift cards to use yourself or to give to others. Great Lakes Scrip Center sells the gift cards to SOTD at a discount. Families buy and redeem the gift cards for full face value. SOTD keeps the difference as a rebate, earning a percentage of every dollar spent using the scrip gift cards.  SOTD will apply 50% of that rebate to your tuition.   Tuition credit will be applied towards December and May tuition.  To download the order form click the link below.

Scrip Order Form


frys grocery store.jpg


Frys Community Rewards

You can support SOTD just by shopping at Fry’s!  Just enroll your Fry’s VIP Card in the Community Rewards program.  To enroll or register an existing V.I.P card just go to and select Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran School. (Org ID: 88722) to start earning money for our school!